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J. Chie, Esquire

Our law firm provides legal work for real estate closings for over 30 years… What distinguishes Chicago Commercial Appraisal Group from other appraisers is the level of thoroughness and details.

A. Raila, Senior Tax Analyst

Gary is a hands-on professional always willing to pick up the phone and work with you... His appraisal firm produces one of the best real estate forecasting reports in the state. I highly recommend his work and his opinion is highly recognized by governmental agencies.

J. Norris, Property Tax Attorney

As an attorney, we deal with many appraisal reports used in tax appraisals. Gary's work has proven successful for our clients and I do not hesitate recommending him for tax assessment appeal appraisals.

C. Noone, property owner

I needed an appraisal for settling an estate. Mr. Peterson was very professional, punctual and helpful with the process. I received my report ina timely manner. I would certainly recommend this company, as well as use their services in the future.

J. Tsiaousis

Gary is one of the top commercial appraisers in Chicago. Every time I have a client in need of a commercial appraiser I refer all work to him without hesitation.

Chicago Automobile Dealership Property Appraisals

Chicago Commercial Appraisal Group has performed many appraisals of automobile dealerships throughout the Chicagoland area. An immediate short-term issue is a semiconductor chip shortage that is expected to last in 2022. The shortage is expected to cost the industry $61 billion in 21Q1 alone. The move toward electrification is accelerating with huge sums of money being invested by the auto industry and new startups. The average transaction price of a new vehicle rose to over $38,000, as of October 2019 (CBTNews). If the country falls into a recession, as many fear, the increasing price of vehicles will make them unaffordable to a large segment of the population, even with incentives. Additionally, due to the rapid development of self-driving cars or AV's (automated vehicles) and their superior safe-driving technology is expected to directly (negatively) impact the lucrative high-margin collision repair business of dealers as service and parts account for over 55 percent of dealers gross profits.

Chicago Auto Dealership Real Estate Appraiser

All of Chicago Commercial Appraisal Groups Automobile Dealership Appraisals are completed in conformance with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). Each of our Appraisers are State Licensed or Certified and all Chicago Area Auto Dealership Appraisals are reviewed by an MAI Designated Appraiser.  Chicago Commercial Appraisal Group completes Automobile Dealership Appraisals for bank financing, Estate Valuation and Property Tax Assessment Appeal purposes.

Chicago Auto Dealership Property Tax Appraiser

One of Chicago Commercial Appraisal Group's primary areas of focus is Property Tax Appraisal.  It is important that Automobile Dealership Assessments reflect only the real estate and not a business value. Chicago Commercial Appraisal Groups Auto Dealer Property Tax Appraisers are well versed in issues related to Property Tax Appraisal.  


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