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J. Chie, Esquire

Our law firm provides legal work for real estate closings for over 30 years… What distinguishes Chicago Commercial Appraisal Group from other appraisers is the level of thoroughness and details.

A. Raila, Senior Tax Analyst

Gary is a hands-on professional always willing to pick up the phone and work with you... His appraisal firm produces one of the best real estate forecasting reports in the state. I highly recommend his work and his opinion is highly recognized by governmental agencies.

J. Norris, Property Tax Attorney

As an attorney, we deal with many appraisal reports used in tax appraisals. Gary's work has proven successful for our clients and I do not hesitate recommending him for tax assessment appeal appraisals.

C. Noone, property owner

I needed an appraisal for settling an estate. Mr. Peterson was very professional, punctual and helpful with the process. I received my report ina timely manner. I would certainly recommend this company, as well as use their services in the future.

J. Tsiaousis

Gary is one of the top commercial appraisers in Chicago. Every time I have a client in need of a commercial appraiser I refer all work to him without hesitation.

Chicago Industrial Property Appraiser

We provide data driven industrial appraisals for fair property assessments, loan valuation and estate purposes. Chicago Commercial Appraisal Group appraises warehouse and industrial buildings from a few thousand to over one million square feet. All industrial appraisals are reviewed by an MAI Designated Appraiser. Well founded appraisals resulting in better outcomes can help to protect your business and let it grow.

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Chicago Industrial Property Appraisal

At Chicago Commercial Appraisal Group, we complete more Industrial and Warehouse Property Appraisals than any other property class. Whether it is for Industrial Property Tax Assessment Relief, Bank Financing or Estate Purposes, our Property Appraisers do literally hundreds of Industrial Property Appraisals in the Chicago area every year.

Chicago Industrial Real Estate Appraisal

Chicago has over 1.3 billion square-feet of industrial/warehouse space making it the largest industrial market in the nation. E-Commerce is fundamentally changing the warehouse and industrial market driving increased demand for space with larger and larger distribution centers.

Building size is only one aspect of change in the industrial real estate market. Ceiling clearance is climbing, column spacing is widening and site coverage is shrinking. Interior truck docks have been largely excluded from warehouse design since the early 2000s. Land-to-building ratios have been climbing to improve loading and truck radius requirements as well as more employees working at may distribution sites.

Chicago Industrial Real Estate Appraiser

All of Chicago Commercial Appraisal Groups Industrial Appraisers are licensed in Illinois and have decades of combined experience. Industrial/Warehouse Appraisals are also reviewed by one of our MAI Designated Appraisers.

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