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J. Chie, Esquire

Our law firm provides legal work for real estate closings for over 30 years… What distinguishes Chicago Commercial Appraisal Group from other appraisers is the level of thoroughness and details.

A. Raila, Senior Tax Analyst

Gary is a hands-on professional always willing to pick up the phone and work with you... His appraisal firm produces one of the best real estate forecasting reports in the state. I highly recommend his work and his opinion is highly recognized by governmental agencies.

J. Norris, Property Tax Attorney

As an attorney, we deal with many appraisal reports used in tax appraisals. Gary's work has proven successful for our clients and I do not hesitate recommending him for tax assessment appeal appraisals.

C. Noone, property owner

I needed an appraisal for settling an estate. Mr. Peterson was very professional, punctual and helpful with the process. I received my report ina timely manner. I would certainly recommend this company, as well as use their services in the future.

J. Tsiaousis

Gary is one of the top commercial appraisers in Chicago. Every time I have a client in need of a commercial appraiser I refer all work to him without hesitation.

Chicago Shopping Center Property Appraisals

The Chicago region has about 500 million square feet of retail space. Overall retail vacancies are currently running around 7.3% (Costar 4th QTR 2016) although there is wide variation in the market. Average rental rates have slid from $18.09 per square foot in 2008 to $15.77 at the end of fourth quarter 2016. While the retail market appears to be stabilizing, the "A" location properties are far outperforming second tier location properties.  The impact of on-line shopping is also having a chilling effect on many retail store brands.

Chicago Commercial Appraisal Group performs numerous Chicago area Shopping Center Real Estate Appraisals for a variety of purposes:
  • Property tax appraisals
  • Bank financing
  • Estate valuation
  • Potential sale or purchase

All of Chicago Commercial Appraisal Groups Shopping Center Real Estate appraisers are State licensed or Certified.. One of our MAI designated appraisers review all shopping center appraisals that we perform.


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